3 things you must never do when making coffee on an espresso machine!

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In recent years, coffee has evolved into something close to a science, both in terms of choice of beans, roasting, types of coffee and brewing methods.

Many are throwing themselves into the role of home barista with various more or less advanced espresso machines – and with greater or less luck.

But it doesn’t have to be complicated to make coffee, which makes the angels sing when using an espresso machine.

Get 3 tips on how to make the best coffee on your espresso machine.

1. Old beans are bad beans

Freshness is a huge parameter for the beans. Coffee has some insanely delicious aromas that make most people like the smell of coffee, even if they don’t necessarily like to drink it. But aromas are volatile and they evaporate at room temperature. 

As soon as they are toasted, the countdown begins, which causes them to disappear. So the faster you brew your beans after the roasting date, the better. It releases the aromas in your nose rather than being released down in the supermarket.

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2. Lime is good – but not for your espresso machine

In industrial espresso machines you work with water softening filters and the reverse osmosis technique, which makes the water free of minerals, after which you can add the minerals that you think are important for the taste. But the advanced approach to water is not necessary at all for individuals and their espresso machines. 

All you have to think about is lime. The lime can cause an espresso machine to break, so it is important that you go for an espresso machine that has an easy procedure for removing the lime, or that you use, for example, jugs or the like that remove the lime in the water, before pouring the water into the machine.

3. Do you have as much time for coffee brewing as you think?

I own a manual espresso machine and it requires a lot of cleaning and trimming, so it’s a time-consuming hobby. That’s why I think fully automatic espresso machines in the home are a really nice solution. As long as you use fresh coffee, they can make amazingly good coffee. I surprised of a colleague for whom I served an espresso from a fully automatic machine that I had trained him in was from a manual machine he usually prefers. He couldn’t taste the difference.

Although fully automatic, you can usually work a little with the grinder and adjust it according to the freshness of the beans. The fresher the beans are, the coarser they need to be ground so that it doesn’t take too long before they run through. They should be painted finer if they are not so fresh,

New espresso machines makes it easy to make delicious coffee!

If my advice has made you thirsty for your very own fully automatic espresso machine, there are several amazing options available for you. You can choose any type of coffee or milk drink with a single tap and choose one or two cups, on most new fully automatic espresso machines.

They more or cleans themselves of lime and ensures the right temperature and pressure, which gives the optimal coffee experience.

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