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On this site, I am trying to get all my nerdìsh coffee information out to you, my wonderful fellow coffee lovers.

I am a proud coffeeholic, and I love writing and learning about new things coffee-related.



About me

Hi, My mane is Pana, and this is my site.

I absolutely love coffee, its a huge pet peeve of mine, to being all super nerd`ish when it comes to coffee, so I thought it would be a good idea to share my love & knowledge for the drink, here on my blog.

When I’m not writing on my blog (while drinking a copious amount of cappuccino or espresso), I am working in a bank as a financial advisor.

Boring, I know 😉

I have been interested in learning and enjoying coffee for several years now and have owned various espresso machines, pod machines, and french press coffee makers through the years.

Now I feel I have finally settled on my trusted Sage Barista Express, and I feel we are going to grow old together, haha

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