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Sage Barista Express Test

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On this site, i am trying to get all my nerdìsh coffee information, out to you, my readers.

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How to find the best coffee machine?
I (together with 2 expert baristas) have reviewed a wide range of different coffee machines with different functions and in different price groups. There are coffee machines for every taste and every need, which is why you can find a coffee maker that makes sense to you. But how do you find the absolute best coffee machine, for you? I go into that in-depth here on the site, where we take a closer look at some of the things worth considering. The review section can be found here.

What kind of coffee do you want?
Of course, when choosing a coffee machines , it makes good sense to consider what type of coffee you really like. For example, there are some coffee drinkers who would like to have an espresso machine that can make different types of specialty coffee all over the world (that`s me and this is my espresso machine!), and then there are others who would like a very ordinary filter coffee machine. Some coffee drinkers want a machine with a built-in coffee grinder so that they can always get coffee made on freshly ground beans. When choosing a coffee machines, this can be a good place to start, because once you have selected a type of coffee, the options are narrowed down a bit, and then you are already one step closer to finding the best coffee machines for you.

The coffee machines that we have tested, are quite ordinary coffee machines that brew ordinary coffee in various shapes and/or forms. (We do not test and review professional barista equipment, but are strictly focused on the “normal” consumer). It can be either ground coffee or coffee beans that are ground at brewing. However, you can also find lots of machines that brew coffee pods, or you can choose the good and old model with piston jug, or french press. There are lots of different options for brewing coffee that fit your preferences perfectly, and if you are a true coffee lover, you should also try to find the best brewing solution for your needs. We go into various details in this article.

How much coffee should you brew?
There is a big difference in how much coffee one machine can brew at a time. In our article section, there are examples of machines that can brew anything from a single cup and up to three liters on a single brew. Therefore, it also makes good sense to consider how much coffee is really needed.For home use, this will usually make good sense with a machine that can brew up to about ten cups of coffee, which is also the standard in many cases. If, on the other hand, you need to find a coffee machine for the office or for your store, it is smart to go for a machine that can brew larger quantities of coffee. In that case, it is relevant to look at a model like the one in the test that can brew up to three liters of coffee at a time. It is also obvious if you are missing an industrial coffee machine, wherever brewing should go very quickly.

In this connection, it is also worth mentioning that it can be difficult to brew tasty coffee in smaller quantities if you have a machine that is basically made to brew ten or fifteen cups, for example. It is therefore not an advantage to choose such a machine simply to be on the safe side. For a consistent and well-balanced result, you should preferably brew close to a whole jug every single time. However, you can also get machines that can brew both larger and smaller quantities of coffee. It is an advantage if it varies how many people you have to brew coffee for at a time. 

In our house i always make 1 cup of coffee at a time, as its more easy (unless my husbond complains, then i make one for him as well), and i don`t really like the taste of a cup of coffee that`s been sitting in a coffee jug for hours on end. So i 99% of the time, end up using my espresso machine, to make a single cup of cappuccino, or something along those lines.

What does your budget look like?
You cannot avoid the fact that you obviously have to consider the budget in terms of investing in a new coffee machine. It is true that you can get coffee machines in all price ranges, so if you are looking for a cheap coffee machine, you can easily find it, but you can also choose a more luxurious version, which is a bit more expensive.

As with most other things, coffee machines usually have a relationship between price and quality. Thus, if you choose the absolute cheapest coffee machine on the market, you probably should not expect it to brew the best coffee in the world. Also, don’t expect it to have any special features you can enjoy.

Obviously, you pay for features like built-in timer, automatic water supply, built-in Wi-Fi and other smart things that can make your life a little easier.

You can read a little more here, in regards to what coffee maker to get.

Need special features?
This brings us to the next point, namely whether you need your coffee maker have some special features?

You can today get coffee machines that can a wealth of different things and things, and for an incarnate coffee drinker, it can easily make sense to go for a particularly well-developed coffee machine.

For example, you can find a model in this test which has an included app from which you can control the coffee maker. You can find several models with hours, which is a big plus for many. This makes it possible, for example, to set the coffee machine to start the coffee brewing immediately before the alarm clock rings or before stepping in the door after a long working day.

For example, you can also find coffee machines that have a built-in lime indicator. This can be a great advantage as it can otherwise be difficult to know when the coffee maker needs a more thorough cleaning. In general, it is a good idea to descale the coffee machine when it has brewed about 30-40 times, but it can, of course, be difficult to keep track of. Therefore, for many people, it is an advantage to have the lime indicator so you have no doubt. I added a link to an article on the difference between the different types of coffee makers here.

How fast should the coffee be ready?
You can find coffee machines that have a full pitcher of coffee ready in a hurry, and you can also find models that take a good deal of time for each cup. In general, it can be said that it is typically an advantage in terms of taste if a little longer is spent on each cup, but it simply does not always have time to wait, and therefore for many, it can be an advantage to choose a machine that works fast.

For example, if the machine is to be used in an office, it is smart to have a model that quickly has an entire jug ready so you don’t have to wait for the coffee when you arrive in the morning.

If you choose a machine that simply brews a single cup of coffee at a time, it is clear that it takes significantly longer to brew more than if you choose a machine that brews fifteen cups at a time. So it’s important to consider how fast your coffee should be ready – especially if you have to brew to many people.

Find the perfect coffee machine
As you can see, there are many different things to be aware of, in order to find the absolute best coffee machine. It`s a bit of a science to brew good coffee now a days, and there are many people who are really into coffee brewing a lot. Therefore, today you can also get machines that match many different requirements and needs, and this test is also excellent evidence of.

You can see examples of machines in different price ranges and with many different functions, and thus there is also plenty of opportunity to find a machine that makes sense for you.

First of all, it’s worth looking at the features and capabilities, but it also makes good sense to consider what design you want. There are also machines in many different styles, so you can find a model that fits your particular kitchen and your personal style.

Of course, although the most important thing is that your machine brews good coffee, of course, it does not matter if it also looks good and decorates your kitchen.

Here you can read more about finding the coffee machine that suits you best.